We Gunners

Sarvatra Izzat - O - Iqbal


{from India's Army by Major Donovan Jackson}

                    THE BANGAL ARTILLERY                                 

Constituted on the 18th December 1925,by an amalgamation of the 1[ Cacutta]

Field Brigade and the V [cossipore]Field Brigade.

 The Calcutta Brigade were founded as Calcutta naval Artillery Volunteers on

21 September 1883, and became the [Calcutta Port Defence] Group Garrison

Artillery on 1 April 1917.Re constituted on 1 October 1920 as 1 {Calcutta Port

 Defence} Field brigade.

 The Cossipore Brigade started life as the Cassipore Artillery Volunteers on

1 Februrary 1884.Re organized as the Cossipore Artillery Volunteers on

7 September 1888..Became 1[ Cossipore ] Brigade  Mobile Artillery on

1 April 1917.Re constituted on 1October 1920 as IV [Cossipore] Field Brigade.

 The Bengal Artillery were the first Artillery in India to be tractor drawn.

The uniform was Blue with Scarlet Facings . Badge as for  Royal Artillery.




Raised on 1 January 1879, from the Madras Volunteer Guards and re designated as Madras Artillery Volunteers.. Became 2 [ Madras]  Group Garrison Artillery on 1 April 1917.Constituted as II [Madras] Field Brigade ‘ The Duke’s own on 1 October 1920., the subsidiary title being conferred by H.R.H The Duke of Connaught on his visiting India to inaugurate the “Montfort” reforms in the Indian Government of the year. Reorganised as No 3 [Madras] field Battery”The Duke’s Own”in 1933.




Formed as the Bombay  Volunteer Artillery on 6 June 1987;became the 4 [Group] Garrison Artillery on 1 April 1917 and V [Bombay] Field Brigade on 1 October 1920.Received present title on 13 April 1933.



                        NO 17 [AGRA] FIELD ARTILLERY

Formed as the Agra Volunteer Rifle Corps on 9 August 1876. Became the 19 Agra Company on 1 April 1917.Re designated as No 17 [Agra] Field Battery on 1 October 1920


Formed as the Oudh Volunteer Rifle Corps on 10 August  1865.Reorganised as the Lucknow Volunteer Rifle Corps on 10 January 872.Became the Oudh Volunteer Rifle Corps on6 June 1884 and again the Lucknow Volunteer Rifles on 24 July 1903.Re constituted as 5 [Lucknow] Group Garrison Artillery on 1 April 1917; became VI [Lucknow] Field Brigade on 1 Oct 1920.and got the designation of No 13 [Lucknow] Field Battery in 1933.


                    NO 15 [KIRKEE]FIELD BATTERY                    

Constituted as F [ Kirkee] Battery Mobile Artillery on  April 1917. And got the designation as No 15 [Kirkee] Field Artillery on  October 1920.