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Sarvatra Izzat - O - Iqbal


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Reply Col KK Sharma
12:24 AM on November 19, 2017 
exceptional link with many nostalgic memories of Devlali.
Reply Samuelskelt
4:45 PM on November 7, 2017 
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Reply LadyBBWsexmt
9:51 PM on November 1, 2017 
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What happened next scared and excited me.

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However part way thru this lady went all weird, her face changed , her whole body started shivering badly porn terror and she even had a tear roll down her face. For a moment I thought something had gone wrong badly until what occurred next.
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Best $110 and one hour ever. But the way the lady went emotional and jumped me was freaky. Wish I could do this everytime with all the girls.
Reply RafaelSmina
1:45 PM on September 21, 2017 
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Reply Frankie Ward
1:06 PM on August 30, 2017 
Dear Sirs, having served In the London Fire Brigade for twenty years and whilst in it learning to dive, I have a great favour to ask of your knowledge of armaments, many years ago whilst diving in Scapa Flow I found a "warhead" which is made of copper and brass it weighs about six and a half stone, it is hollow with no explosives in it, it is in my opinion an odd thing to fire out of a gun as it would be surely too expensive to have fired these things at another ship or target, as I am now in my sixties I am still intrigued by this piece of ordnance......would I or could I be right and assume that this could have been a drill round for the purpose of not damaging the breech of a gun......I re iterate it is safe and hollow, it stand 21 inches high and is 5 inches across the base.....I thank you in advance for any help......
Reply Edward Denmark
3:39 PM on July 19, 2017 
Could you put my book on your site " Not for queen and country" Amazon books
It is about how we shot down 14 Argentine jets during the Falklands war
Thank you
Reply Jean Thompson
2:13 AM on June 5, 2017 
Dear Col Anand
I am a gunner's daughter and was born on the 15th January! I found your website by accident. My father (now deceased) retired as a Lt Col in the Army and I am trying every source imaginable to try and get his service number. Are you able to help me, please - I would greatly appreciate it.
Many thanks.
Jean Thompson
Melbourne, Australia
Reply SamuelOnema
1:56 PM on April 4, 2017 
Reply Vivek
5:38 AM on December 12, 2016 
Sir pl send articles for deolali doings also
Reply Hema
3:21 AM on September 30, 2016 

Here is a post from facebook, that triggered my previous message. We grew up in Devlali. Dad was a doctor, first at Nashik rd. cantt., and then at Devlali, and we lived in Haigh line! Went to school in the Gunner Wagon...and so many memories-I wish I could add the photographs too that were shared on Facebook. The post:

Sarvatra Izzat-O-Iqbal......Everywhere with honour and glory!!

Remembering my father-in-law Col. M D Naidu, VrC (164 Fd Regt) this Gunners' Day. From the cold desert of Ladakh to the Rann of Kutch, from wars at the western and eastern sectors to a peaceful life in Bangalore he led a life of Honour and Bravery.

Happy Gunners' Day!

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Akhilesh Kumar
Akhilesh Kumar Very proud of all in the family...
Like · Reply · September 28 at 11:06pm
Sudershan Kuntluru
Sudershan Kuntluru It is indeed great to see such an accomplished person
Like · Reply · September 28 at 11:18pm
Swati Pant Pande
Swati Pant Pande Happy gunners day to u all!!!!
Like · Reply · September 28 at 11:26pm
Awesh Kumar
Awesh Kumar Respect...!
Like · Reply · September 28 at 11:34pm
Sheetal Bajaj
Sheetal Bajaj We can't thank your family and you enough Smitha Naidu.
Like · Reply · September 28 at 11:36pm
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Happy Gunners Day! My dad's a Gunner too :)
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:14am
Manish Shingala
Manish Shingala Salutes....!!!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:52am
Priya Varada
Priya Varada A bold and brave soul ! Always inspired others to live strong. Miss you, Damu uncle. 🌹
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:56am
Neelam Sood
Neelam Sood Great
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:42am
Shibu Warrier
Shibu Warrier Very inspiring! I am sure you guys are very proud!! Dhirendra
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 10:37am
Micheal Wilson Roberts
Micheal Wilson Roberts Respect n salute him...👍
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 10:42am
Suvarna Naidu
Suvarna Naidu On behalf of my family, I thank each one of you for the love, respect and admiratiom shown to us. Now I know why old soldiers never die. When you all hold us in such high esteem how can we die. GOD bless.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 10:55am
Prathiba Lakshminarayna
Prathiba Lakshminarayna Respect and salute sir
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:06am
Hema Nalini Varada
Hema Nalini Varada Salute! Off the field, Damu uncle ( popularly called thus in the Varada clan) was a humble and gentle soul. I loved his zest for life and varied interests in plants, acupressure, his aquarium et al. Seeing him and Swarna Aunty together for me was a pleasure and cheered me up no end. We miss you dear unlce. Thank you for this post, Smita.!:-)
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:29pm
Hema Nalini Varada
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